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Indoor plants for neglectful owners

I'm sure you have a customer who reliably kills their indoor plants. Here's some suggestions of low maintenance plants that will tolerate neglect and are easy to revive:


Our picks of the peace lilies are Spathipyllum Sensation for larger sized pots and Spathiphyllum Mojo for medium to smaller pots. Both will thrive in the shade and, while they will wilt if they have insufficient water, they do come back from the brink very well and also tolerate some overwatering. The reasons we chose these two? Sensation has impressively large dark shiny leaves and Mojo repeat flowers many times through the year and both always look good.

Epiprenmum aurea

Pothos will impress beginner indoor gardeners with its ability to thrive on very little care and either hang or climb. The reason we picked E. aurea is that it seems tougher and faster growing than many other varieties - some of the beautiful varieties like Snow Queen can look more impressive, but are are quicker to brown off with too much or too little fertiliser or water.

Adenium obesum

The desert rose is an unusual succulent with gorgeous delicate flowers that seem incongruent with it's abstract chunky trunk. These suit beginner indoor gardeners who have a very hot or sunny position.

They don't like overwatering or sitting in a saucer of water, but dry conditions followed by deep watering every one or two weeks suits them well.

Dieffenbachia & Aglaonema

Both of these beauties have striking multi coloured foliage.

It's easy to be tempted by some of the beautiful Calatheas with multi coloured foliage, but for amateur indoor enthusiasts we find the Diffenbachias and Aglaonemas more forgiving.

Ficus elastica Burgundy

While the Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata) has long been a fashionable choice for an indoor tree, many customers report that they loose leaves if they are not turned and even sun exposure and they are not tolerant of the range of irrigation practices provided in most homes. Ficus Burgundy on the other hand is not fussy about light, potting mix or water and looks amazing all year round. Given an attractive pot and a clean with some white oil the plant below would make a striking indoor plant.

We have hundreds of other indoor plants in our nursery that are easy to care for like . Strelitzia nicolai, Clivias, Birds Nest Ferns and Ctenanthes. If you're looking for something in particular or you'd like advice on any of the varieties we grow please contact us.

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