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The first signs of Spring

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Spring is here and if you live in SE Queensland, you are forgiven for thinking that we've actually skipped Winter this year.

In the nursery our Ornithogalum dubiums were the first to flower (also called Sun Star of Bethlehem).  You might be more familiar with their relatives Ornithogalum arabicum (also called Arabian star flower, Arabs eye, or Black Pearl Lily).  They are really eye catching and don't mind the hot dry weather we've been having.  We won't have any for sale this year, but should have enough by next Spring.  We love that they are repeat flowering and each flower lasts for a long time.

Our favourite green clivia has also flowered already - it usually flowers twice each season.  Last season it produced about 50 seeds - all are tiny seedlings now.

If you want to visit our nursery this Spring, please come along to one of our plant sale days.  More information is on the Visiting Our Nursery page of our website.

A Ghost Clivia?

Have you ever heard of a parti-colour Clivia?  This refers to Clivias that have flowers that are missing colour pigment on their petals in patches.  It's often called "ghosting".  Fortunately this usually happens in patterns so the outcome can be very attractive like in the flower pictured here that is currently blooming in the nursery. [...]

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Visit our nursery this Saturday 7am - 1pm

Saturday 12th December          7am - 1pm998 Mt Glorious Road, HighvaleWe're primarily a production nursery, specialising in growing Clivias, Agapanthus and Strelitzias both for our online retail store and for wholesale customers.  We've recently been expanding our range into other plants such as bulbs, gingers and heliconias.This weekend we'll be opening our [...]

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Frogs love Clivias

We'd known for a long time that our Clivia gardens are very popular with the native bees.  But did you know that Clivia flowers are just as popular with the native frogs?  In just a short walk through our bed of orange and red Clivias we spotted these four....Our favourite frog photo from our garden [...]

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If you missed the Queensland Garden Expo, see us at The Samford Garden & Lifestyle Expo in September

The Queensland Garden Expo at Nambour was huge and a great chance to meet some of our customers.  Approximately 40,000 people attended the 3 day event.Many people were amazed at the variety of colours of Clivias available, and most had not seen the full range of Strelitizias we have.  Our rarer bulbs were very popular, [...]

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